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It’s Time for Change

pierre demers

This book is the result of deep reflection, a long professional experience in the field of education and a desire to share my vision in order to contribute to the expansion of human consciousness and the spiritual elevation of young people. The advent of a new paradigm is inevitable, which requires an expansion of human consciousness never before seen.


With the observations, thoughts and questions gathered in this work, the author seeks to guide all awakening spirits through the maze of contemporary life and especially to emphasize the importance of, and respond to, the essential fundamental need to truly educate our young people. Instead of following the common tendency to try to improve school systems, this book targets the reinvention of our ways of living in society.

Pierre Demers

After graduating with a PhD from the University of Southern California in 1974, Pierre Demers taught at the Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada) for nearly 35 years. Author of several books, he is a free thinker.

He is curious and creative, which opens him to all the sources of knowledge possible and distances him from the usual ideas that limit the evolution of education in the world. He hopes to inspire the educator in every person to contribute to the expansion of human consciousness.


[Translation] "It is because we are so hardened ourselves, so empty and loveless that we have allowed governments to usurp the education of our children and the direction of our lives."       KRISHNAMURTI


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